Read The following sentences for better understanding of interjections.
1 Hurrah! I have hit a century.
2. Bravo! That was a great win.
In Sentence 1. Hurrah expresses the feeling of grief.
In Sentence 2, Bravo expresses the feeling of praise.
These words(Hurrah, Alas, Bravo, Oh) are grammatically known as Interjections. Interjections are words used to express different types of strong feelings or emotions. These feelings can be surprise, sorrow, excitement, wonder,Joy,sadness, disgust etc.
An exclamation mark (!) is used after an interjection.
Some interjections and their corresponding feeling words are listed below:


Other Word used as Interjections
There gre certain phrases which are used like interjections to express some strong feelings or emotions. Some examples are as follows:

Well done!

Well done!Feeling
Good heavens!Hail, all hail
My goodness!Yippee!
Just imagine!Good gracious!
May God bless you!O dear me!
Good bye!Happy birthday!
What a party!How surprising!
Damn you!By God’s grace!


There are certain moods of verbs and parts of speech which can be used in an exclamatory interjectional sense.

For example;

1. Infinitive    –  To think that he could have died!
2. Adjective    – Strange! Shocking!
3. Pronoun     – What a sad thing it is!
4. Conjunction – If I could only see him once more!
5. Adverb    – How very kind of you!
6. Noun  – Dreadful sight! Foolish fellow!
7. Imperative  – Hear!


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