HAS/Allied/Naib Tehsildar Practice Set-1 (Part-I)(English Medium)

MCQ 1. Who said that, “The Constituent Assembly was a one party body in an essentially one party country. The Assembly was the Congress and the Congress was India”?

(A) Morris Jones

(B) Paul R. Brass

(C) Granville Austin

(D) Richard Sisson


MCQ 2. Match List-I and List-II and select the correct answer from the codes given below:

List-I (Books)

(I) The Child and the State in India

(II) The Hindu Nationalist Movement and Indian Politics

(III) The Political Economy of Development in India

(IV) Poverty Amid Plenty in the New India


List-II (Authors)

(i) Atul Kohli

(ii) Pranab Bardhan

(iii) Christopher Jaferlot

(iv) Myron Weiner


                 (I)           (II)          (III)          (IV)

(A)            (iii)          (iv)          (i)            (ii)

(B)            (iv)          (iii)          (ii)            (i)

(C)            (ii)           (i)           (iii)           (iv)

(D)            (i)           (ii)           (iv)           (iii)


MCQ 3. Which case did The Supreme Court give the doctrine of ‘The Structure of the constitution ?

(A) Keshavanand Bharti case

(B) Golak Nath case

(C) Indira Sawhney case

(D) Sankari Prasad case


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