HAS/Allied/Naib Tehsildar Practice Set-1 (Part-IV)(English Medium)

MCQ 1. Democratisation of the Administration was the main aim of:

(A) Praja Mandal Movement

(B) Mandi Conspiracy

(C) Bilaspur Struggle

(D) Chamba Agitation


MCQ 2. When Himachal Pradesh got right to participate in the election for first time under the new Constitution ?

(A) 1952

(B) 1957

(C) 1962

(D) 1967


MCQ 3. Which of the following Monasteries was built by a Western Tibet ruler Ye-Sashoad’ around the year 996 A.D. ?

(A) Gemur

(B) Kardang

(C) Tabo

(D) Tayul


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