Most Famous Dogs Breeds

1. The large thin dog with long legs that runs very fast and is used
in sports=Greyhound


2. The smallest breed of dog = chihuahua

3. The heaviest breed of dog kept to aid travellers = St. Bernad

4. The dog having large soft handing ears often kept as a pet = Spaniel

5. The Chinese breed of dog having long hair and
blue-black tongue = chow-chow

6. The small dog with a long body, long ears and very short legs.
It is also called the ‘badger dog’ = Dachshund

Dachshund7. The small dog with short hair and a wide flat face with deep
folds of skin = Pug

8. The Australian breed of wild dog, semi-domesticated by aborigines = Dingo


9.The large dog trained to help police, custom officials and to help blind
people find their way = Alsatian


10. The tallest breed of dog = Irish wolfhound

11. The fierce dog which is very large with short dark hair used for guarding
farmhouses and big buildings = Daberman

12. The only dog that cannot bark; it produces very typical sounds = Basenji

13. The dog that can run very fast and has a very good sense of smell. It is normally used for hunting = Hound

14. The short strong dog with a large head, a short flat nose and a short
thick neck= Bulldog


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