The Branches Of Biology ?

Know more about branches of biology:

Modern biology deals with the structure, function and many other descriptions of living things. Advance research during the 20th Century has led to the division of biology into specialized branches.

Some important branches are defined below:

  • Morphology (Gr. morph; form, logos; discourse):The study of external form and structure of
  • Anatomy (Gr. ana; part/up, tome; cutting):The study of internal parts of body of living organisms by cutting them
  • Cell biology (L. cells, compartment, Bios= life; logos; discourse):The study of cell and its organelle.
  • Histology (Gr. histos: tissue; logos, discourse):The study of structure of tissues of plant and
  • Physiology (Gr. physis; nature, logos, discourse):The study about functions of living
  • Taxonomy (Gr. taxis, arrangement, nomos: name):The study of the rules, principles, grouping, and naming the living
  • Genetics (Gr. genesis; descent, origin):The study of heredity, that is transferring of characters from parents to
  • Developmental biology(Gr. embryon; embryo, logos, discourse): The study of formation and development of
  • Environmental biology:The study of relationship between living organisms and non-living factors of environment and their effects on each
  • Paleontology(Gr. palaios; ancient, ontos; being, logos: discourse): The study of remote past organic life, with the help of
  • Biotechnology:The study about techniques for manipulination of gene to bring the changes in structure and location of genes to achieve desireable characters is called
  • Socio-biology (L. sociare; to associate,): The study of social behavior of living i.e interaction between themselves.
  • Parasitology(Gr. para; up):The study of
  • Pharmacology(Gr. pharmakon, drug;).The study about action of drugs.
  • Molecular biology: The study of organic molecules which constitute cell and its
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