Who led Suket Satyagraha in 1948?

MCQ. Who led Suket Satyagraha in 1948?

(A) Bhagmal Sautha

(B) Pandit Padam Dev

(C) Surat Singh Vaidh

(D) Shivanand Ramaul

Answer (B) Pandit Padam Dev

Suket Satyagraha Solution:

In 1862 and 1876, the people of Suket revolted against the ruler and his minister Narottam.

In 1924, there were uprisings in the Suket state, which forced Raja to flee to Dehradun. The reasons for the uprisings were:

  • Maladministration
  • High taxes
  • Prevalence of Begar System

Suket Riyasti Praja Mandal (SRPM) was recognized in 1945 with Mian Rattan Singh as its President. SRPM demanded responsible government but Raja used repressive measures to suppress it.

Finally, in February 1948, Himalayan Prant Provisional Government met at Sunni (Bhajji State) and decided to set up a full-fledged province under the centre with democratic features. Suket was chosen as its first target.

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